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Lost & Found




2011 was another active year for the Police Department.  We are very proud to again receive an award for our National Night Out Program.  This program continues to grow and be a huge success.  This event would not be such a great event for the public, without the assistance of the Chamber of Commerce, Karen Prestegord and all the departments that are involved in the activities.  I would like to thank them for all the work they do on this event also.  The police department continues to get this event to be a county wide event as we invite all the various departments throughout the county. 

I feel the trust of the community is very high in the Police Department.  As you can see by the numbers we are staying very consistent with our numbers.  This shows the confidence in the community to report crime to the police department.  Without the community support, the community would become a place for criminals to move to and hide from law enforcement.  I also feel the value of investment that our department shows in the officers, by training that we provide to them, make this community a safer place to live.

We continue to work on the drug problems in our area.  There are illegal drugs in our communities and we work to make the drug dealers to realize there is a strong law enforcement community in Ada and Norman County.  Our goal through drug investigations is to have the drug dealers to take their business elsewhere.  We have to be a realist and know that we are not able to remove all illegal drugs in our communities but we can get the numbers as low as we can.  Again this can be a success through the assistance of our citizens contacting an officer with information of suspicious activity they see. 

I am looking for another good year for 2012.  We have very fine, dedicated officers that realize the obstacles they face, being in a small department.  I again want to let the council and the public know that my door is always open and I want anyone with concerns to know they can come in and talk to me about these concerns.  I want the police department to treat everyone with respect and I feel that if we treat everyone with respect we will also get respect back. 




Vehicle Unlocks                                        32

Drug Investigations                                 17

Animal Complaints                                  21

Accident Investigation                           25

Assist Other Agencies                            33

Disorderly Conducts                                23

Burglary                                                       11

Minors with Alcohol                                21

Harassment                                                11

Domestic Abuse                                        26                  

Unattended Deaths                                 4

Vandalism                                                   16

Sexual Assaults                                         5

Assaults                                                       17

Traffic Complaints                                    106

Misc.                                                             38

Hit N Run                                                     6

Medical                                                        29

Probation Violation or Warrants         15

Welfare Check                                           23

Theft                                                             24

Defective Equipment – Auto                12

D W I                                                             13

Building or Medical Alarms                  6

Suspicious Activities                               21

Parking Violation                                      12

Trespass                                                       8

Suicidal Person                                          19

Arson                                                            2

Civil Dispute                                               19

Missing person                                          6


                        Total                                      621


Crime Stoppers

If you have information which you believe may help us investigate or solve a crime, we encourage you to complete the form below and click on submit. This information will be forwarded to the correct law enforcement personnel and if you wish, your identity may be kept private.

Thank you for your participation! Your input is valued and we will follow up with all information promptly.
Crime Stoppers

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